War on terror term paper

Viewers appear to be specifically vulnerable to inclusive roleplay which simulates real time espionage efforts through mock clandestine scenarios produced on video for dissemination through public video upload site “Youtube”. Media then becomes Cognitively invasive, (Worm) working exponentially, per viewer, with each comment further forming a directed opinion, adding validation to a fabricated scenario. The exponential contamination of population centers grows, irregardless of viewer opinion. Negative and Positive opinions build further accreditation for fabricated clandestine acts as viewers clash, causing viral spread of cognitive worm; Reaching exponential readers, viewers and mediums of dissemination. Critical mass is achieved, further time has allowed for solidification and zealotry t o form within ranks on both sides, natural dialogue has ceased and risk for violence increases, alternative conspiracies are formed, spread and promoted, the Worm replicates with mutation to infect an entirely different crowd.

Driving fast on motorways leads to accidents and fatalities, planes crash and people die, and more people living in cities leads to a larger number of murder cases. Yet few people favour strict bans on motorways and planes, or cities. Any analysis focusing exclusively on (terrorist-related) costs of immigration would ignore a broader calculation of costs and benefits. A larger number of people leads to a higher risk that some of them become terrorists. This holds for local and foreign populations alike, and so hardly qualifies as reason to ban migration. Rather, the increased risk of terror has to be confronted by the many other – positive and negative – effects that come with immigration. While our results do not include these broader calculations, they clearly show that bans on Muslim immigration would be likely to increase the risk of terror, rather than increasing the safety of the domestic population.

War on terror term paper

war on terror term paper


war on terror term paperwar on terror term paperwar on terror term paperwar on terror term paper