Thesis on software engg

At Carnegie Mellon, our software engineering research is distinguished by our blend of formal analysis with engineering and economics. Our research interest in software engineering is principally of two kinds: developing improved models and techniques for the design and implementation of large complex software systems that must satisfy rich, often under-specified, requirements in their operating environments; and developing improved models and techniques for formal analysis of software components to ensure or determine specific formalizable properties. Our work is divided into four research thrusts: software architecture; self-healing systems; value-based design; and security, programming language design, and program analysis software engineering.

The program is designed around a set of core courses that introduces the fundamentals of software engineering, followed by a broader range of courses through which students can choose to focus their learning. Students could choose to augment their core with more computer science-oriented courses (., network and distributed systems security, next generation search systems), data science courses (., machine learning, data mining), end-user oriented courses (., user interface design and evaluation, ubiquitous computing and interaction), or advanced software engineering courses (., requirements engineering and specification, software environments).

Thesis on software engg

thesis on software engg


thesis on software enggthesis on software enggthesis on software enggthesis on software engg