Set wallpaper terminal server

Are you in love with Bing’s front page backgrounds? Each day, Bing features a beautiful high-quality image on their homepage. Not only that, but they also provide fun facts to go along with the image. Best of all if you’ve missed a day or just want to reminisce, you can view their image archive to see what has been used in the past.

Since many people often visit Bing just to see what the background of the day is, why not bring those images to the desktop? Luckily, there’s an easy Windows option for using the daily Bing background as your desktop wallpaper: Bing Desktop.

The picture includes: file commands, ssh, installation and building from source (will require dev tools), network basics, system info, searching, process management commands, file permissions, compression, general command line shortcuts, and VIM, and much more. While this cheat sheet background was intended for Linux users, the majority of the commands work in Mac OS X too since Mac OS is based on a unix BSD core, so whether you’re on a Mac or PC doesn’t really matter quite as much as having access to the command line and it’s power.

Set wallpaper terminal server

set wallpaper terminal server


set wallpaper terminal serverset wallpaper terminal serverset wallpaper terminal serverset wallpaper terminal server