Review of literature dissertation

Exactly!! I know what you mean, when I was anorexic I did feel the high of not eating, you feel super awake and aware and with lots of energy despite being very weak. I beat that and started to get healthy and then about a year later I heard about IF. When I tried it I got the same high off it, which I really enjoyed but it also made me so anxious because I felt I was slipping back into old habits, it all seemed too familiar… Also, I lost my period for a few months and it came back the week after I started eating normally again.
I know it works for some but I wouldn’t advise it to
1. Anyone (man or woman) that has had an eating disorder
2. Any pre-menopausal women, there has been too many cases of hormonal imbalances due to IF

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    Review of literature dissertation

    review of literature dissertation


    review of literature dissertationreview of literature dissertationreview of literature dissertationreview of literature dissertation