Olafur eliasson beauty essay

Saying art should be beautiful is like saying art should not be beautiful. They are both statements that tell artists what to do and how to do it. Neither statement has anything to do with art as such. I think mr. Scruton is thinking of craftsmanship rather than of art - and I am not implying one is worth more than the other.
Scruton explains that babies are beautiful. But babies are not art, are they? If one is unlucky, babies are very difficult to handle, disruptive little beings, plain ugly even. But even if they are, they are still not art. It is clear to me that Scruton needs to be a bit more exact in defining Art - and beauty for that matter.
Contemporary art focusses too much on the ugliness of life, on ‚bad’ things, Scruton states. So at the end of his documentary he plays a piece of music that tells the story of Jesus’ suffering and crucifixion. Which of course was an absolutely delightful event, so beautiful.
Scruton unwillingly shows that beauty has nothing or little to do with art, not now, not a hundred years ago, not a thousand. And I agree. We do not need art to be surrounded by beauty. We may need art to help us see things from a different perspective, maybe.

The existing elements of the landscape and the open spaces of Greppen are taken up and integrated into the further development of the surrounding area of Wendelmatte. The elements of the adjoining landscape are continued with individual trees on generous meadows and isolated tree groups, which follow the topography of the slopes. Elements and materials of the village like hedges, walls, stairs and small byways are taken up in the structuring of the new created open spaces. Simple paths lead along the buildings and to the most important public or semi-public areas at the lake: the boat dock, the semi-private lake access, the seaside resort of Greppen and the boat harbor at the eastern edge of the meadow. The main part of tree planting is with fruit trees and nut trees, which are found individually or in small groupst. To be able to uphold the view on lake and landscape only some larger tree groups are planned. The meadows are kept as far as possible as they are today. New seeds are made with local seed. The aim is a species-and-flower meadow landscape, which is extensively cultivated. The southern part can be used for temporary events.

Olafur eliasson beauty essay

olafur eliasson beauty essay


olafur eliasson beauty essayolafur eliasson beauty essayolafur eliasson beauty essayolafur eliasson beauty essay