My dissertation is crap

Now, I don’t mind being critiqued. I think that being a public figure automatically involves that. I’ve developed a pretty thick skin over the years, but there are still things that get to me. And the situation at Expo was one of those. Part of the problem for me is that, as a speaker, I work hard to try to create a conversation with the audience. When it’s not possible or when I do a poor job, it sucks. But it also really sucks to just be the talking head as everyone else is having a conversation literally behind your back. It makes you feel like a marionette. And frankly, if that’s what public speaking is going to be like, I’m out.

I have to admit, when I first got word that my ex was getting married again I was shocked. All I can ever remember hearing her say was she was never getting married again. She was remarried within five years of her leaving me. I didn’t get depressed or anything like that, but it simply served to show me what I have come to suspect all along, that she’d never loved me and I really have no explanation for why she ever married me. However, my guess is she’s probably just as unhappy and unsatisfied with her new husband too. Odds are she’ll dump him quicker than she did me because the second time around is a lot easier than it was the first time. I have said a couple prayers on his behalf over the years.

My dissertation is crap

my dissertation is crap


my dissertation is crapmy dissertation is crapmy dissertation is crapmy dissertation is crap