Gangs research paper outline

In addition to increased social services in schools and communities, law enforcement has also called for increased funding for more localized gang task forces, better intelligence-sharing efforts between communities, improved screening of those who sponsor unaccompanied minors, case workers to better monitor and regularly follow-up with those sponsors, and more prosecutors in areas with heightened gang presence. No police chief or law enforcement official dealing with the MS-13 has called for increased deportations during congressional testimony.

The Micheal Farmer killing was an incident that happened during the showing of West Side Story. This event took place in Washington Heights, NYC. Farmer was a polio stricken kid who was attacked by a gang called: "The Egyptian Dragons". A close knit group that consisted mainly of blacks and Puerto Ricans, who descended on Micheal Farmer in the city owned: Highbridge swimming pool, whom they perceived that Farmer was a member of a rival gang called "The Jesters" (It's not known whether or not Farmer was a gang member though...even to this day).

Gangs research paper outline

gangs research paper outline


gangs research paper outlinegangs research paper outlinegangs research paper outlinegangs research paper outline