Essays on oedipus tyrannus

The Herdsman gives Laius' and Jocasta's baby to the messenger upon their orders - and is also the same man who witnessed Laius's death. When he returns to Thebes and sees that the man who killed Laius is the new king, he asks leave to flee from the city. Oedipus sends for him when the messenger alludes to his intimate knowledge of the crime, in the hopes of discovering the identity of his true parents. He then reveals that the baby he gave to the messenger was Laius and Jocasta's son, adding one of the last pieces to the puzzle that will implicate Oedipus as the source of the kingdom's plague.

I find all of this very interesting and it hits very close to home. We have been working with a behaviourist for my 4 1/2 year old son. The behaviourist believes (as do I) that he has an oedipus complex…but it is an obsession for his father . I was always a stay at home mom with both my sons (my oldest is now 7) never had a problem with my oldest. But from a very young age (less than a year old) my youngest became very attached to his father and it has only become worse since. It has become an intense obsession. I feel like he has no emotional attachment to me most of the time. It breaks my heart. He needs to be as close to his dad as possible all the time. School was tough at first but after a very long hard few months and great teachers he can go everyday all day but he brings a picture of his dad with him and holds it all day. My husband gets very frustrated b/c our son will not leave him alone. He is a great dad and has always treated both boys equally as have I. Is a son loving his dad more and not his mom a common form of oepdus complex or is it less common? When I say oedipus to people they cringe and they think that its wanting to “kill their dad and love their mom”. But there is more to it now. Is this something that he can grow out of or we can help him to change? He is only 4 years old.

Essays on oedipus tyrannus

essays on oedipus tyrannus


essays on oedipus tyrannusessays on oedipus tyrannusessays on oedipus tyrannusessays on oedipus tyrannus