Essay topics for oedipus rex

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Ismene is not nearly so close with her father, as the fact that she is not so helpful with respect to Oedipus’s most terrible loss—his sight—indicates. Ismene’s first lines are about her not being able to see her father and sister through her tears. Immediately thereafter, she exclaims that she can hardly bear to look at her father because of the cruel fate that he has suffered. Ismene is distracted by pity and shame in a way that Antigone is not. Nevertheless, Ismene does offer practical help to her father, and it is from her that Antigone and Oedipus learn that Creon and Polynices, separately and on the advice of the oracles, seek Oedipus’s blessing and body to aid them in their battles for control of Thebes. It is also Ismene who goes to perform the rites of atonement to appease the spirits on whose ground Oedipus and Antigone trespassed at the beginning of the play.

Essay topics for oedipus rex

essay topics for oedipus rex


essay topics for oedipus rexessay topics for oedipus rexessay topics for oedipus rexessay topics for oedipus rex