Essay on lying to an nco

I'm currently doing a project at college in which you pick a topic of your choice, research it and produce an essay and presentation on the subject. I chose to research the character of the fool in Shakespeare's plays and as part of the research process I am asking people with an interest in Shakespeare the following questions to gain some opinions and in turn a greater understanding of the fool's purpose, importance etc.. 1. How does the depiction of the fool enhance the dramatization of the Shakespearean play? 2. Would you consider the fool as generally an important character, or a character that could be easily left out of the original text, with no detrimental affect? 3. Do you co...

I have a similar set of circumstances to the above posts. I was accused of being a toxic leader and accused of sexually harassing my soldiers. Here’s the problem. The false allegations were brought against me to cover for a soldier who had broken into my office. The same soldier and his friends brought allegations covering a 30 year period of time to include my childhood and allegations against others in the command they didn’t like. My superiors assigned an investigator who took this a step further and declared i was mentally ill, socially awkward, and described symptoms similar to PTSD. The investigating officer then became implicated in breaking into my office again. My superiors lied on my OER and cited evidence non existent in the investigation. Also, the IO wrote everyone’s statements for them in memorandum format. All supporting evidence eas lost andnever shared with me. I was made vicariously responsible for allegations against the prior commander, other soldiers, and the chain of command. I have reason to believe the chain of command violated UCMJ, federal law and failed to act in good faith and therefore violated moral and ethical guidelines. In addition, i endured harrassmement that the chain of command turned a blind eye to.

What great memories….Ft. Holabird…I liked it so much I went twice. In 1966, right after basic at Ft. Polk, LA. I went to Holabird to become an Analyst (96B),,on to Ft. Bragg for some interesting times and then SVN for a year. Back to Holabird for CI Agent class then the 113th MI Gp in Chicago. 1968 Dem National Convention…good times had by all. A little more work in CONUS..and then an offer I couldn’t refuse….I’ll tell that one later.. Anyone who may have been in the same places at the same time,,shoot me an email..

Essay on lying to an nco

essay on lying to an nco


essay on lying to an ncoessay on lying to an ncoessay on lying to an ncoessay on lying to an nco