Done with my homework yay

Sorry for the late reply! I just moved across the country! Yes, you are correct, there is extra space behind the bookcases. You can make the desktop less wide to accommodate that if you wish, but I found that to be too shallow for me. And to get bookshelves that deep, you pretty much have to go custom or use some other type of cabinet. I’ve actually found though that it really isn’t that noticeable from across the room and the extra space back there has been great for me for art/craft storage (perfect for giant pads of drawing paper!).

I had a boss who did something very similar – all his kids’ activities were on the calendar, and from time to time he and his wife would have to take a turn at being “snack parents.” They were both full-time in a higher level professional capacity, and after a couple of times of being asked to pick up some extra Capri-Suns and crackers (or whatever) I just put it on the list for my Sam’s Club run when I knew it was coming up. (FYI, that expense came in the form of cash from him personally.) So I’d just remind him that they had snack at the soccer field on Saturday, and he would pull out his wallet and hand me enough cash to cover it.

I’ve had a very similar experience & mindset over the past 16 years. I have always felt that Jesus called me out, as I was showering in preparation to go to a church service when the Lord spoke to me saying that my time (at that church) was up. So I stopped. I felt that I needed to stay connected to the saints (other Christians) and always have remained open should He direct me to attend somewhere, but I felt that He called me out in preparation for the upcoming days of persecution, when Christians will go into hiding even in this nation. It’s just that Christians today are so “going to church” oriented that they may be devastated should the government lock the church doors. We all need to know that we can serve the Lord even in times in persecution and we can still be connected even in extraordinary situations, to exhort, comfort, and worship with the real church, us. I have sometimes felt that it would be nice to attend church services and worship with the crowd, but it just never feels right for me to actually do it. I just feel that God has a purpose for those of us who have gone this way, which is not completely manifest yet—and it is sometimes a bit confounding.

Done with my homework yay

done with my homework yay


done with my homework yaydone with my homework yaydone with my homework yaydone with my homework yay