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I just retired after 35 glorious years of teaching
high school Mathematics & Science in Toronto.
Johnny Carson was not just a phenomenal comedian but also a superb teacher. Dick Cavett, another great comedian, paid Carson the teacher’s ultimate tribute when he said “But the important thing was Johnny’s reaction. He did that thing where he exploded with laughter that sent him sideways stage left off his chair. I felt like a stock market must feel going through the roof, or the space shuttle blasting off.” Johnny Carson was the comedian’s teacher’s teacher.

After the failed 1848 revolutions not all the Great Powers supported the Romanians' expressed desire to officially unite in a single state. [60] But in the aftermath of the Crimean War , the electors in both Moldavia and Wallachia voted in 1859 for the same leader, Alexandru Ioan Cuza , as Domnitor ("ruling prince" in Romanian), and the two principalities became a personal union formally under the suzerainty of the Ottoman Empire . [61] Following a coup d'état in 1866, Cuza was exiled and replaced with Prince Carol I of Romania of the House of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen . During the 1877–1878 Russo-Turkish War Romania fought on the Russian side, [62] and in the aftermath, it was recognized as an independent state both by the Ottoman Empire and the Great Powers by the Treaty of San Stefano and the Treaty of Berlin . [63] [64] The new Kingdom of Romania underwent a period of stability and progress until 1914, and also acquired Southern Dobruja from Bulgaria after the Second Balkan War . [65]

Dar essay contest 2008

dar essay contest 2008


dar essay contest 2008dar essay contest 2008dar essay contest 2008dar essay contest 2008