Court observation paper essays

In Belleau v. Wall , Michael Belleau challenged the constitutionality of his Wisconsin sentence requiring him as a civilly committed sex-offender to wear an ankle monitoring device after his release in addition to registering as a sex-offender.  The federal district court ruled that this was an invasion of Belleau’s privacy.  Wisconsin appealed that decision to the 7 th Circuit.  The 7 th Circuit overruled the district court’s decision holding that the burden on privacy is balanced against the gain to society as the test for such a monitoring program to stand.  The Court reasoned that Belleau’s own actions had already severely curtailed” his privacy; thus, the requirement of the ankle monitor was not unduly burdensome.

During the Western Han Dynasty (202 BC-9 AD), additional developments made by the astronomers Luo Xiahong (落下閎), Xiangyu Wangren , and Geng Shouchang (耿壽昌) advanced the use of the armillary in its early stage of evolution. In 52 BC, it was the astronomer Geng Shou-chang who introduced the fixed equatorial ring to the armillary sphere. [29] In the subsequent Eastern Han Dynasty (23-220  AD) period, the astronomers Fu An and Jia Kui added the elliptical ring by 84 AD. [29] With the famous statesman, astronomer, and inventor Zhang Heng (78-139 AD), the sphere was totally completed in 125 AD, with horizon and meridian rings. [29] It is of great importance to note that the world's first hydraulic (., water-powered) armillary sphere was created by Zhang Heng, who operated his by use of an inflow clepsydra clock (see Zhang's article for more detail).

About: Aisling O’ Beirn is an artist based in Belfast whose current sculptural work is concerned with exploring space as a physical structure and a political entity by making and animating forms relating to observed and theoretical structures being studied by contemporary astronomers and physicists. Projects have investigated ideas around entropy order, disorder and balance and how laypersons try to understand scientific and mathematical ideas.  Recent work has been facilitated by Armagh Observatory and Dunsink Observatory.  O'Beirne has exhibited nationally and internationally. She was included in Northern Ireland’s first participation in the 51st Venice Biennale. Her work manifests variously as sculpture, installation, animation and site-specific projects.

Court observation paper essays

court observation paper essays


court observation paper essayscourt observation paper essayscourt observation paper essayscourt observation paper essays