Como hacer un essay en espanol

On one occasion Cofresí and his crew were captured after his ship arrived at Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic . They were sentenced to six years in prison and sent to Torre del Homenaje. [12] Cofresí and his men escaped from prison, however they were captured once again and imprisoned. The group decided to escape once more, they broke the locks of their cell doors and climbed down the walls of the prison's courtyard during a stormy night using a rope that was made of their clothes. [12] The group reached the providence of San Pedro de Macorís and boarded a ship. They sailed to the island of Vieques where they established a new hideout and reorganized a new crew of fourteen men. Cofresí then selected six of them and traveled to the main island (Puerto Rico) where they hijacked a schooner named Ana forcing the crew to jump into the ocean, an incident which they survived. [12] Cofresí renamed the captured ship El Mosquito . [13] They then proceeded to steal a cannon from another ship that was under construction. The crew members of El Mosquito armed themselves, with the weapons found in the vessels that they boarded. [14]

El Writing del First (FCE)  tiene dos partes únicamente. Para cada parte tienes que hacer una composición escrita que dependerá de las instrucciones de cada ejercicio. En la primera parte siempre se te pedirá que escribas un  essay (ensayo), ya que únicamente se te da una opción. En la  segunda parte te dan 3 opciones entre las que puedes elegir. De entre éstas, los tipos de writing que aparecen son  letters/emails (cartas o emails),  articles (artículos),  reviews (reseñas) y  reports (informes). Cada writing debe tener entre 140 y 190 palabras , aproximadamente.

Como hacer un essay en espanol

como hacer un essay en espanol


como hacer un essay en espanolcomo hacer un essay en espanolcomo hacer un essay en espanolcomo hacer un essay en espanol