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The Big Band Era evolved in America from ragtime music a few years later in the early 1930s, and because France, England and Russia were previously exposed to the similar ragtime music style, these countries also enjoyed the Big Band Era (“Swing Music”). The first English Big Band formed in 1928 and was named the BBC Dance Orchestra. Soon after, additional Big Band artists came on the music scene in England including Billy Cotton, Geraldo, Joe Loss and Oscar Rabin (“BBC Radio”). In France, one of the most important jazz groups to form as a result of American influencers was Quintette du Hot Club de France in 1934 (“BBC Music”). As for Russia, the first jazz orchestra was founded in 1922 by Valentin Parnakh and was named “The RSFSR First Eccentric Orchestra Jazz Band of Valentin Parnakh,” and several others followed suit (“Russia IC”).

College essay torrent

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