California heritage essay contest

Although Oxford Academy is not classified as a magnet school , an entrance exam comprehensively consisting of math, English, and an essay writing section is required for all students. As of 2009, potential students must achieve a minimum GPA in elementary school to take the exam. Entering seventh grade students can compete for 200 spots. These spots are divided among the 8 junior high schools in the Anaheim Union High School District, with admissions for 25 students from each corresponding school. Oxford mandates minimum GPAs ( for grades 7-8, for grades 9-10, and for grades 11-12) for all students and if students fail to stay above the minimum for 2 semesters, they are dismissed from Oxford and enrolled in their home district's junior high or high school.

What a testimony to the perseverance of my Greek grandparents and their fellow immigrants! I don’t know if my yia-yia and papou were victims of white supremacist discrimination when they lived in Canton, OH and Detroit, MI. But, I do know that my papou was president of the AHEPA chapter in Detroit, and that he had been threatened by a local union thug because he hired black men to work for him in his produce business. When the thug tried to overturn my papou’s truck, Papou beat the crap out of him. The thug’s name was Jimmy Hoffa.

California heritage essay contest

california heritage essay contest


california heritage essay contestcalifornia heritage essay contestcalifornia heritage essay contestcalifornia heritage essay contest