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The opinion has far-reaching implications for independent musicians and for the entrepreneurs who hire them. No venue is in need of a performance license unless one or more of its musicians are performing compositions or arrangements copyrighted and licensed through ASCAP, BMI or SESAC. The copyright owner enjoys exclusive performance rights and, therefore, the exclusive right to profit from their performance. The point is so obvious that it has never been litigated, which makes this a landmark decision. The full texts of the Copyright Office opinion and all related correspondence are available online at http:///minstrel Appendix BMI. But I never did get my job back. The restaurant owners have decided not to have any live performances or to play any recorded music. To them it is not worth the hassle. The customers must settle for radio and television. And I have not found such a lucrative job since. Such is the legacy of BMI.

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The concept of ‘Buy American’ is long standing Populist Opium. Legislation only memorializes it for future generations to look back and shake their heads at sorta way we shake our heads at the Volstead Act.
Complex Interdependence-the idea that economic linkages exist between states and nonstates prevent such cry’s from becoming reality. A complex craft of machinery, electronic or even not so complex item of clothing can have dozens of participating manufactures. Breaking an item down and redistribution of how it is put back together to avoid import and tariff laws are an industry in itself.

Buy and sell essays

buy and sell essays


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