Advanced placement essays

After World War II , the Ford Foundation gave money to support committees studying education. [2] The program was founded and pioneered at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio, by the then college president Gordon Chalmers which was then called the "Kenyon Plan". [3] The first study was conducted by three prep schools—the Lawrenceville School, Phillips Academy, and Phillips Exeter Academy—and three universities— Harvard University , Princeton University , and Yale University . In 1952 they gave the report General Education in School and College: A Committee Report which said to allow high school seniors to study college level material and to take achievement exams that allowed them to attain college credit for this work. [4] The second committee, the Committee on Admission with Advanced Standing, developed and put the plan to choose a curriculum. A pilot program was run in 1952 which covered eleven disciplines.

ECC offers a variety of placement tests to fit your educational needs. Placement tests are used for subjects like English and math to check your academic skill levels before you register for class. This helps to ensure that the classes you take are the correct academic level for you. A full list of the placement tests offered by ECC is listed below. For more information about each test, please click on the test name. We also offer high school equivalency (GED® or HiSET), ESL, and Spanish language placement tests. This Testing Score Summary chart will help to interpret your placement scores.  Download chart

Students that wish to get accepted into prestigious or highly-selective schools should seriously consider taking AP courses. They not only look outstanding on high school transcripts, but they can also give students an inside look at college courses before graduating from high school. Most importantly, they can assist students in earning college credit while still in high school, saving valuable time and money in the process. They will also help students develop the skills they need to succeed in the rigorous college atmosphere, and give students valuable knowledge that they can use both inside and outside of the classroom. The sooner students get a jump on their education, the sooner they’ll be able to reap the benefits of their efforts!

Advanced placement essays

advanced placement essays


advanced placement essaysadvanced placement essaysadvanced placement essaysadvanced placement essays