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Residence Hall Requirements
Effective Fall 2017, all first-year, American students, whose primary . residence is more than 35 miles from campus, and all new International (F-1 visa) and English Language program students must reside on campus and purchase a meal plan for their first full academic year (fall and winter semesters) at Madonna. Students can complete the residence hall application and submit a $175 deposit (applied to fall and winter billing) by completing the Residence Hall Contract at http:///resources/residence-life . Additional meal plans are available for commuting students on request.

At Eastern Michigan University, we expect just one thing of you:  to be true to you . To explore new horizons, to learn new things, to earn every ounce of what you deserve, and to do so grounded in what's real. Here, you'll find confidence in being certain, you'll stand beside professors who believe in what they do, you'll discover what you're meant to do, create or make better, and you'll realize that everything you do is a true reflection of you. Here, we're not asking you to change, we're asking you to grow. To never trade authenticity for approval. To earn your future. And to always be undeniably true to you .

Admissions application

admissions application


admissions applicationadmissions applicationadmissions applicationadmissions application